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Student discount?


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Hi, i just found out the 50% discount for students, does it apply to israel too? My student card is in hebrew (i think it has my name in english tho, need to check), im a software engineer student.


Does using this discount changes the features im entitled to if i buy the extreme license? I want the 3 years, does it give me the same feature as without a student discount? And if i renew after that (won’t be a student anymore) will i be able to renew the license (for full price)? Or can it only be renewed as long as im a student?

i dont want to use the student discount if it will make my license any different in terms of license state / features im entitled tok.

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The license is the same, and you can live wherever in the world :) Start here with the purchase process:


You can renew your license using the student discount as long as you're a student.  After then you can renew at the regular price.

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40 minutes ago, brianblackburn said:

  Can you tell if the requirements for proofs of being an international student vary for different countries? Are there specific requirements for students from Greece?


Please contact our international distributor ABSEIRA Ltd at the following email address for more information on that:

info AT abseira.com

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