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Fans get removed from monitor list at 0 RPM

Mattias W

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Perhaps it was meant as a feature, but it behaves like a bug in AIDA64 Extreme version 5.97.4600.

If a fan goes down to 0 RPM (i.e. Ultrasilent PC setup), it is removed from the watchlist in preferences.

This is an issue since a Fan at 0 RPM cannot be added. In addition, if a Fan spins down to 0 RPM it is then suddenly removed from the list and then won't be included the next time the statistics collection is run.

See attached screenshot. You can see the "Ghost" fan in the log when it was active. You can also see that it is suddenly not available in the Preferences watchlist.

Best Regards,


Screenshot (8).png

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23 hours ago, d6d1 said:

Would be possible to include an option to show "missing fans" in a future AIDA64 version then?
So one can selectively disable the ones that are actually missing, and have it at 0 those that are "stopped".

It would be a terribly "user-unfriendly" option, since then cca. a hundred fans would appear with zero RPM for all of them :) 

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