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Import/Export for SideBar Items

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Would it be possible to add an Import/Export function to SideBar items

similar to what is now available for LCD Items?

Actually this would be desirable for all customizations in AIDA64.

Thank you.


Edit: I decided to try the new sensor bar instead of the Sidebar. It has import/export and looks nicer.

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We may implement an export/import feature for the OSD and Sidebar feature in the future, but currently we're focusing on improving the new SensorPanel feature and revamping the Logitech LCD and Alerting features.

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I like the new SensorPanel they are working on. It is currently available only in the Beta download of AIDA64, which you can get from http://www.aida64.com/downloads

With the SensorPanel, you can import and export the configuration/layout of the panel. It seems to be in XML format. You can see an example of the SensorPanel below, along with a link to download my configuration of it. Keep in mind though, that every system has different sensors, so if you import my settings you may be missing some sensors and will have to manually add more.


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