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Display CPU Usage of Individual Cores as Bars

B. A. Kenney

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I'd like to suggest that maybe AIDA64 can add an optional window somewhere in their program where a user can go there and view the core usage of individual cores of a processor just like the Activity Monitor's CPU Usage window on Mac OS X (see attachment).

Sometimes when I benchmark or test processor, it's good to know bars (see attachment) of each cores instead of graphs. Please think about adding this and having the option in the Preferences window to set color of the progress bar, time polling intervals, and so on.

It'd also be nice if the window can resize itself depending on how many core a computer processor have just like the CPU Usage window in Activity Monitor.

This would be greatly appreciated and helpful as graphs (history) are not always useful compared to CPU Usage window (see attachment).




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You can already achieve that layout by the new SensorPanel feature wink.gif



As Fiery stated, this is achievable with the new SensorPanel feature. The SensorPanel is still in Beta, so be sure to install the Beta version of AIDA64 from http://www.aida64.com/downloads

You can see the new SensorPanel in the image below. In my configuration of it, I don't have the bar set to display for all the cores, only the overall CPU utilization.

As a reference, this is what I currently have:



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