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Intel DP67BGB3 fan sensor missing


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I just built my new computer a few weeks ago and I finally got around to loading AIDA64. I have the B3 revision to the DP67BG, if that matters.

The first and most important issue is that the sensor page shows 4 fans, 2 of which are case fans. Thay are CPU, Front, Rear & GPU. There is supposed to be another case fan called Aux for a total of 3 case fan sensors. It shows up in bios with it's fan speed showing that it is working properly.

The second issue I'm not sure is a mistake or not. The sensor page shows the motherboard name to be ASRock DP67BG. While the motherboard page shows the proper name, Intel Burrage DP67BG. Where does this "ASRock" come from? The same thing showed up in the pictures that karl provided in his message:

Intel DP67BG

I attached a report from the Computer section including the Sensor info.


oops, forgot to mention that I'm using version number 1.80.1455 beta

Report 110718 computer only.txt

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