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Program won't display


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Does anybody have an idea on this. I am running Win 7, 64 bit and after I installed AIDA64 it shows up on my task bar. When I click to run it, the halo around the icon displays showing that the program is running, but it will not display on the monitor. When I hold the cursor over the icon I can see the AIDA64 screen display on the 1 x 2 inch preview window but I cant get the screen to display so I can't use it. I am running multiple monitors on my system and it is installed on my Primary monitor. Very weird. I believe the multiple monitor setup is the culprit.

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Please try to close AIDA64, and start REGEDIT.EXE (Registry Editor). In REGEDIT navigate to the following path ...


... and remove the following entries inside that path:






Let me know if it helps.



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Then please try to close it, run REGEDIT.EXE again, and now try to change both the WindowPosX and WindowPosY values to zero (0). Hopefully that will make the window to appear in the top-left corner of either one of your monitors ;)

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That's rather odd. Do you have an AIDA64.INI file in the AIDA64 installation folder? If yes, then please try to rename it or delete it, to effectively reset AIDA64 settings to default values.

Please also remove the whole AIDA64 key from Registry, including all its values and subkeys, using REGEDIT.EXE, at the path:


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