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Intel Platform ID

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10 hours ago, Petr Soucek said:

Hello Fiery,

It looks like Intel is using some "Platform ID" in its documents: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/sa00115-microcode-update-guidance.pdf

And it is not the same as Platform ID in the CPUID section.

Maybe it could be added?


Platform ID can be different for each CPU generation, so e.g. 03 could mean a different platform (socket/package) on Skylake than on Gemini Lake.  What AIDA64 shows as platform ID is the same list of platforms for all generations, so 03 is translated to a specific platform and shown with its unique ID.  That platform ID is unique to AIDA64.  I'm not sure how useful would it be for AIDA64 users to know the ID that's assigned by Intel, since its meaning is not published anywhere actually.  But, you can check Intel's platform ID in the CPUID & MSR Dump in AIDA64: just scan the output for "PlatID" ;)

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