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Aida64 Monitor Wrong Mhz


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Dont know why or how. I was playing around in Bios settings with no succes. After en hour or so i decide to enable Intel HT (hyper threading) and sure enough, Aida64 Was able to show the real Mhz again. Back to Bios again and disable HT. Aida64 now work as it should. Could it be an bug or is it just me that has the devil inside my chassi? :D

Instead to start a new thread i just keep going with a "new" bug. I use Aida64 running as a Gadget (Win7) on a second monitor.

All gadgets works fine except Aida64. Every time i launch a game on the first monitor, the Aida64 gadget disappear. Even dough i've choose "always on top" on all of them.

Sorry for the crapy English

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Maybe it was due to some other BIOS settings caused either EIST, C1E or C-States to become enabled without you actually enabling it.

As for the gadget issue. Please explain it in more details. Do you use the Sidebar Gadget feature of AIDA64, or the SensorPanel? Does the whole gadget/window disappear, or it just stops listing the values?



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