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Bug In Samsung Hd Smart Value Readout ?


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I just read out a Samsung HDD Smart values with AIDA64 on a Windows 7 Enterprise Version System (64bit) and got some pretty high temperature values ... see attached image.

Looks like a bug in SMART Value read out ?

Also many of the other values look strange to me - whats your opinion ?

Best regards



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That's normal. SMART data field for temperature values may or may not be a direct temperature readout (in Celsius). For some drives the lowest byte holds the temperature, and the rest of the bytes of the double-word value may hold minimum or maximum values too.

In your case the data value is 2C0A0015 in hexadecimal, which would make it hold 3 temperatures: 44 Celsius, 10 Celsius and 21 Celsius. The lowest byte (21 Celsius) should be the current temperature value.



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