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DX12 GPU use


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10 hours ago, jabloomf1230 said:

Does AIDA64 report GPU use correctly when a native DX12 app is running? See this post for example, regarding DX12 and the Windows 10 Task Manager:


AIDA64 doesn't measure DirectX GPU utilization, but hardware GPU utilization as reported by the GPU itself.  So it doesn't depend on the actual DirectX, OpenGL or Vulkan layer used.

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On 4/24/2020 at 7:13 PM, jabloomf1230 said:

Thanks. AIDA looks like it is reporting correct GPU use with DX12 apps. I just wanted to make sure that the DX12 issue was limited to the  Windows 10 Task Manager.

It is an issue for such apps that report GPU usage through a graphics API layer.  We fortunately measure GPU utilization directly.

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