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Reference Results Outdated

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DDR3-1600 is an out of spec (overclocked) memory grade on most chipsets, and our reference results database do not feature any overclocked results due to our internal policy. We may include a DDR3-1600 or DDR3-1866 system featuring an AMD FX-8150 processor -- when that CPU becomes widely available.

As for Z68, it's not much different to the P67 which we already have in our reference database. We may add a Z68 system to the database, featuring a Celeron G440 CPU.

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this is not the case on Sandy bridge E.

That's why I said "most chipsets". AIDA64 latest beta already includes reference results for Sandy Bridge-E with Quad Channel DDR3-1600, and Bulldozer with Dual Channel DDR3-1866.

Overclocking is not required to use 1600mhz ram on most boards either, given the dram multiplier is unlocked on most x58 and p67/z68 boards.

When a chipset or CPU doesn't support a memory grade officially, raising the memory ratio still makes it overclocking. If you raise the CPU core multiplier on an unlocked CPU (e.g. Core i7 Extreme Edition), it is still overclocking ;)

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