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Hp Dv6-3034Nr Sensor Page On Aida64

B. A. Kenney

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I don't know why AIDA64 is displaying less sensor information than HWiNFO32 (picture attached). Could this be with different method of AIDA64 accessing the SMI or reads the system sensor value? Hopefully this issue isn't happening with anyone else out there. Just wanted to shout it out.

Please let me know what I should do, or whether I should debug the console.


Here is the AIDA64 sensor window:


Here is the HWiNFO32 sensor window:


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1) You can activate the DIMM temperature measurement in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability. After altering that option you need to restart AIDA64.

2) As for the HP ENVY EC access, I'm not entirely sure if it's relevant on your system. Based on the measured values in HWiNFO, the values seem to show a huge fluctuation. And that usually means the readings are invalid (bogus).



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Alright, thanks, even though I did enabled the DIMM sensor option in the preferences window already.

To sat at least, some of the data HWiNFO32 provides may not be that bogus and sometimes seems reliable. The GMCH+PCH data always shows up on HWiNFO32, but it comes in and out when using AIDA64. AIDA64 at times display GMCH+PCH and DIMM temperature, and other times, it doesn't want to display anything but CPU core temperatures and HDD temperature.

Thanks for the explanation!

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Temperatures in AIDA64 may be missing and then re-appear because the temperature readout is unstable due to sensor device issues. GMCH sensors of Intel chipsets are notorious of providing unstable temperature readings :(

When AIDA64 reads an invalid temperature (e.g. 200 Celsius), it removes it from the Sensor page, to avoid displaying bogus/invalid/meaningless values. While HWiNFO doesn't seem to have such tricks, and so it displays bogus values too.

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