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Memory Bandwidth Limited ?


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Hello. I just overclocked my 2500k from 4 Ghz to 4.4 Ghz and i see no improvement in CPU AES (~444000) and CPU Photoworxx (~62500) and i want to know why. It is possible i'm memory bandwidth limited at this point ? Thx

Maximum IV Gene-Z

i5 2500k

8GB DDR3-1600 9-9-9-24-1T

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits

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Do you use Turbo Boost? If yes, then can you please tell us all ratios you use? Max. Non-Turbo ratio, 1-core Turbo ratio, etc?



I've set 44x multi overall. Turbo is enabled but is also set at 44x for all cores. So it's always 4.4ghz as soon as there any load on the CPU. AES is even down by ~500 points. At 4ghz it was 444000 now it's 443500. Core voltage is 1.32v tested stable with prime95 for 8h.

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According to our own Sandy Bridge test runs -- albeit at slightly lower core clocks -- the mentioned AIDA64 benchmarks get memory bandwidth limited at high core clocks. You may want to use higher clocked DDR3 modules to squeeze out more performance from your system.

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