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Getting Interruption Blips


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When AIDA64 is running I get a blip or skip from time to time. A couple time a minute perhaps a bit less.

I hear it in my head phones, it sounds like if sound for less than a second can't get decompress. And see it if I am in a game by losing a few frames.

I tried to disable a few things in the Stability panel, like these:

nVIDIA GPU SMBus access through nVIDIA ForceWare

Change to 3D profile on nVIDIA video adapters

Multi-GPU support

I even tried with Load Kernel driver disable, none of those made a difference.

I also tried a few other ones.

It did not seem to change anything. I still get this little skip. It obviously much more obvious when I am in a game with fast screen updates, I am not sure if it does it in Windows, I actually don't think so. but it's possible that it does it.

This is my hardware:

ASUS Maximus IV Extreme

P67 Chipset

Intel i7 2600k

16 GB of RAM

SSD in Raid 0 for boot drive

Couple other mechanical hard rives

Logitech G15 / G9X mouse

The effect definitely stop as soon as I stop and exit AIDA64.

Any help would be welcome.

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I guess it could be due to AIDA64 detecting SSD SMART attributes (including SSD temperature readings, if available) for your RAID array. Please try to increase or decrease the Disk temperature polling frequency value in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring, and verify if the frequency of the blips follow the polling frequency change.



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I think you are very close to the solution.

I disable the Low-level SMART operations in the Stability preferences and the problem seems to be gone. I done that before reading your post, so I have not tried your solution. I find it strange that I did not try this before, has it is one of the 6 items that says it may cause crashes in rare cases. I still have the RAID SMART support enable.

I am not sure, I will have to check when I get on site, if I can currently read any of the sensors from the SMART drives.

I would suspect not, since you probably have to have the Low Level SMART operations enable to read things like temperatures and other things from any SMART drive even the none-raid ones.

This brings me to another question, the different devices in the Stability section of the preference, where can I read more about what each one does? Perhaps also with a example of a device that the particular option deals with. For example, if I disable the Dell SMI sensor support on a ASUS motherboard, will I lose any read capabilities? Or is that item exactly what the tin says and only applies to Dell motherboards? Is there a chance that even if I don't have a Dell motherboard some of the component are from Dell and I need that options on some other none-Dell boards?

The same goes for the Apple and Koolance items, If one does not have those items on a system, does it make AIDA64 perform its job better if they are disable even if they don't cause a crash or issues?

I will do what you suggested, and make the interval of the Disk temp polling frequency longer after re-enabling the Low-level SMART operations. I will report back here once I have the result.

Thank you

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1) Low Level SMART operations has to be enabled to let AIDA64 read any temperatures from HDD and SSD drives. You can have that option enabled and RAID SMART support disabled if you want to prevent AIDA64 reading temperatures from RAID arrays.

2) Stability options and other Preferences options are described in the AIDA64 user's manual. Just press F1 while AIDA64 is open, or navigate to AIDA64 installation folder and open AIDA64.CHM file there.

3) Dell, Apple and Toshiba related sensor modules are not used on other manufacturer systems. You can disable the related Stability options if you want, but it won't make any difference ;) Same goes for Koolance and T-Balancer, if you don't have such devices in your system, then you can disable those options.

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