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Squall Leonhart

Free And Used Video Memory

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Where are these found in the main window now?

i looked under DirectX and GPU and couldn't see them.

never mind, they were right up the top of the direct3d list >.<

so whats the difference with the new Dedicated and dynamic video memory?

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Fiery    298

Dedicated and dynamic video memory usage are detected via an undocumented KMT call under Windows Vista and Windows 7, and the detection is available for every individual video adapters in use. On nVIDIA cards the info displayed on the Direct3D page is the video memory info for the primary video adapter, provided by the nVIDIA ForceWare driver via NVAPI calls. Since the manner of the KMT call (it's an undocumented call) I'm not sure how to compare its results to any other calls.



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