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Just renewed my license

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Just renewed my AIDA64 extreme license for 3 years.

Primarily all I use it to do is customize my Logitech G19 LCD display with the following statistics. (pic obviously taken a while ago)


Here is what you need to do.

You have a good platform for benchmark comparison, but you need a centralized database that will validate and compare bench tests.

Look up CPUZ validator and work on copying that functionality.

As a bonus, release some kind of api we can use with RainMeter to hook into AIDA64 for live desktop wallpapers... the clowns over at CoreTemp used to have one but they stopped developing it.

Good software,


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Just renewed my AIDA64 extreme license for 3 years.

Thank you for your support. I hope you'll find AIDA64 useful in the next few years as well ;) We have a lot of things on our roadmap, so expect to get some exciting AIDA64 updates soon.

We do have plans about an online benchmark results interface for this year. Stay tuned ;)

As for RainMeter support, AIDA64 already offers multiple methods (Registry, Shared Memory, WMI) to expose AIDA64 sensor values to external applications. RainMeter's developers -- or anyone who has the necessary RainMeter API documentation -- need to develop the plugin that processes the values exposed by AIDA64 and "inject them" into RainMeter. I'm afraid we don't have the necessary developer resources to make in-house support for a wide range of 3rd party software. That's why we've come up with generic solutions (Registry, Shared Memory, WMI).



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WMI would be the way to do it I think. Where is this documented so I can look at how to hook into it? I'm a noob programmer but I can tinker with stuff.


nevermind I found it


Time to go play

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