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AIDA64 Login Script Fail on Windows 7 x64


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I work for a company that has around 250 or more computers w/ about 175 users. I would like to be able to have AIDA run as a bground service when each user logs into their computer. So I would add the below listed command to the network login script. In testing, when a user logs in I get a few errors and it fails (see screenshot images).

This is what I am adding to the login script:

"\\server\dfs\OfficeApps\Applications\Utilities\AIDA64 Business Edition\aida64.exe" /ACCEPTBG /SAFE /SILENT

The domain users have full writes to all the files in the Aida64 directory.

I have even turned UAC completely off on the test machine. Does it need to be off or at a certain level?

Note: If I launch the batch file manually (that has the same command line as pasted above), AIDA will load fine into the background. It just doesn't seem to want to run from a login script.

Anyone have any clue why this is not working??




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It looks like the AIDA64 Remote Control Server had some issues on the workstations. We'll check what's going on, although as I can see you already have up on AIDA64 :( If you reconsider sometime, then you can fix such issues by removing the DLL file that causes the issue (AIDA_RCS.DLL). That will of course disable the Remote Control feature, but at least you can evaluate the other features without such error messages.



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