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Stress Test Prime95 and AIDA64

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Im quite new to the overclocking world... last night i OCed my Core i5 2500k to 5ghz at x50 multiplier @~ 1.45v-1.5v, temp was between 66 and 70 defrees C, however it was ver unstable, so i stepped down the multiplier to x47 and v core to around 1.36~1.38.. Aida 64 stress test runs fine with no crashes/ hangs.. etc but when running prime95 torture test.. guess what.. BSOD.. below are my specs

1. Core i5 2500K

2. Jetway Z68 Mobo (H109-Z)

3. Corsair Vengance 1600mhz 4GBx2

4. Antec Kuhler H2O 620 liquid cpu cooler

5. Cooler master Extreme power 650 PSU

6. Cooler Master HAF 912 Advance case

7. Zotac GTX 560ti

Any help/advice regarding this sability issue in Prime would be depply appreciated

Thanks in advance,

Notea :)

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System instability is something you cannot measure using a mathematical formula or a specific detection method. Some of the instability issues can be revealed by only AIDA64, some others can only be revealed by Prime, and some can be revealed by any of them.

BTW, AIDA64 System Stability Test has multiple subtests. Sometimes an instable system can be put to "its knees" by only using the FPU subtest (and leaving the rest of the tests disabled), while in other cases you should enable all subtests to reveal the instability. It takes a lot of time to check out how stable your system is, but if you can achieve a high clocks via overclocking, then it worth the efforts to play around with stability tests ;)



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some other times you can find a instability only by using light load.

Exactly. Some hardcore overclockers swear by using 3 to 5 instances of Internet Explorer or Mozilla, and simply browse the web in them on heavy Flash utilizing sites. They say it sometimes gets such issues come up that no other stability testing methods can.

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