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I do not believe what you want is incorporated in the Sidebar function. The closest you can come is to use a Monospaced Font and use spaces to right align the values... but if the number of digits in a vlaue changes (i.e. 9 to 10) the formatting would fail.

The SensorPanel function is very much more capable and allows you to align anyway you wish, down to single pixel placement... but that formatting power does require more effort.

here are some samples of what users have done: http://forums.aida64...ur-sensorpanel/

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Is it possible to align the labels to the left and the values to the right?


It's not possible right now. We'll check if it can be done. But as Dutch suggested, the SensorPanel feature is already there and offers way more customizations than the Sidebar Gadget. It takes more time to understand the whole thing and to make your SensorPanel to your liking, but IMHO it's worth the efforts ;)

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