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Resized windows, multiple monitor sleep issues.


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Hey all, 

Not sure this is the correct place to put this but I looked around and couldn't find something similar. 

I recently upgraded to a Display port monitor over a HDMI, and my Aida screen is HDMI. When my DisplayPort monitor goes to sleep or is powered off all my open windows etc. get resized to fit my 8" screen that runs my Aida panel. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to stop this. I have tried the CRU tool and set specific resolutions on the 2 screens but it still keeps happening. How is everything managing this? does everyone have this issue?

Anything can be done to stop it?


Thanks for any help


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On 12/24/2020 at 11:28 PM, cOnTaGoUs said:

Ok finally fixed this damn issue using the below app, in case anyone is interested.


Another solution (or let's call it a workaround) is to rearrange your monitors in the Windows multi-monitor setup by making sure that your small screen (the screen where you have SensorPanel placed on) is placed to the left of your main monitor.

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I realize this is an old thread, but it is still relevant, and every thread I come across on the topic has the same reply so here is my rant.  I have been having many issues with my screen resizing.  I follow all the instructions I can find online and build the perfect screen for my new system.  I looks awesome!  I can reboot my computer and all is good, but if my monitor shuts off or I turn my main monitor off while the computer is on, it resizes my secondary display.  It is now very tiny.  I take the time to resize everything.  I export my file and save my work.  I put my secondary display to the top left of my main display.  I also try bottom left of my main display.  My wife walks in and turns my monitor off, or I turn it off out of habit, and I get to resize everything to fit it to my secondary display again.  Importing the file brings in the new tiny display (useless).   The new update comes out for windows 11 and I think, "Hey maybe this will fix the issue".  It doesn't.  Now my display is way to big.  I get the pleasure of resizing everything, yet again.  Every thread I find on the issue has the same worthless suggestion of placing the small screen on the left of the main monitor.  It doesn't work and stop suggesting it.  If I have to download some third party github solution, or as you call it a "workaround", your software isn't worth the price we pay.  I realize this is on your forums and you can delete it if you want, but I have taken a screen shot and will be posting it on other forums if you choose to do so.  I hope you take this to heart and fix the issue.  If you are a potential customer, save your money for now.  I will be looking for an alterative.


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Had a few issues myself with x3 monitor setup, i did the following...

Pulled ALL but 1 monitor lead, turn on and setup 1 then plugged each monitor in 1 at a time. Once i got all 3 detected in NVidia's control panel i set those to act as 1x3

Restarted PC before i plugged the 5" screen in. Kept mine over to top right out of the way.

Windows & Nvidia seem to number the displays differently but its working...

I Highlight number 2 in WINDOWS display settings to change resolution if i need to.



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