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Monitoring multiple hosts

Jon Evans

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Stumbled on Aida64 and remote panel by chance and today setup an old Kindle fire 7" as a panel.

Looks good but need to spend the time tweaking.

I did a quick search but cannot see if this is possible.

Is it possible to have the panel connected so it cycles through pages with each page being a different host?






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1 hour ago, Jon Evans said:

To answer my own question.

Yes, its quite simple!
Setup the other PCs and just set the Panel Position.

Works fine but I would like to have the remote display cycle through the panes

I'm afraid we don't have a solution for such a complex requirement/scenario.

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1 hour ago, Jon Evans said:

Its more related to the Android app.

Got 3 PCs happily reporting their own dashboard just need to manually swipe to view.

Thanks for reply

I'm puzzled, since our Android app (AIDA64 for Android) doesn't interact with anything running on a PC :) Maybe you mean Odospace? Or Logitech Arx? Or running browsers on the Android devices with RemoteSensor?

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