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RTSS support for FPS monitoring


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Hello, I have been using AIDA64 on my logitech G19 lcd for a long time. I was very happy about the fact that FRAPS was added so fps could be logged/monitored. However the latest development on the AMD side, being Mantle support (for newest GPU's), Mantle has it's own system to communicate with the hardware (replacing DirectX). Currently it is only supported in 2 games, but much more are coming.


By disabling dirextX and enabling Mantle, FRAPS is out of business (Fraps uses DirectX to read the fps).


Does anybody know a solution for this?

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AFAIK Mantle currently has no interface to measure FPS or draw an image layer via hooks (what RTSS does).  AMD may implement those later this year, but I suppose such features aren't their top priority right now.

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