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  1. Ahh I thought as much... Asus has strange marketing policies... Selling insanely priced super tweaked/specialized hardware ... But refuse any support /explanation how it works, what does what and refuse acccess to sensor readings... Kind of wack way to do business... Like selling a bugatti veyron, but refuse giving a manual how to read gauges and pointing out where the gas pedal is at... But if i where to take close-ups from the components would it than not be possible to see sensor/chip ID and use that or is this over simplyfying it..
  2. Good point! thanks for the fast response! Of topic: is there some blockage for aida to read asus rog matrix Platinum R9 290X sensor info?
  3. Fair enough and a good suggestion. One other question pops to mind, it would be handy if you could Ä…t least import for example the items used/saved from the sensor panel to be imported and edited in the remote sensor panel . Is that possible in some way? Thanks for fast reply anyhow!
  4. I used to have CacheMem results like shown in post 15. However on my Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition 4930K 4x4gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 C9 The read bandwidth strangly is very low . Tried other sticks: 4x4gb G.Skill TridentX 2400 C10 .. same result. Tried different versions of Aida , saw the same thing at my friends system. Any clues?
  5. Stability testing, what do you mean? You build the rigg left it untouched (bios) and want to know if it's stable? Or did you overclock certain hardware? Mind you , that 4790K is a hell of a beast capable off huge overclock - if correctly and ample cooling is applied. If nothing is overclocked - don't bother - just use it. Play some demanding games. If no problem = stable . Happy gaming!
  6. Well here is one of many... I bench / overclock so lots of component swapping back and forth. Functional and necessary stuff to monitor while overclocking to the limits
  7. Hello, I am a longtime overclocker, been benching Competatively at HWBOT.org AIDA is my favorite watchdog (besides actual hardware monitoring).I must compliment you for the way you expanded the amount off external monitoring (big fan!) options. As I cycle through a lot of hardware I do love keeping an eye out to Temps and voltages/power draw/ frequency of CPU, Cache (ring /uncore) GpU's core and memory frequency (more accurate: watching for drops as sign of under voted hardware) while fine-tuning that specific system. I use the system panel, but also the Logitech g15 or g19 lcd, and as
  8. Well there are ways to enforce affinity and priority as well. It's a bit of trial and error but 1 of the following programs always does the trick: First off try Microsoft SysInternals's Process Explorer. Digg in the tabs and you'll see al processes and by right clicking you can set affinity and prior. If that doesn't work perfectly (some processes launch and close often and thus automatically reset affinity and priority to default). You can try: Process Lasso, walk through it and you will see that next to its auto rules, you can set your desired actions. My favorite however is clever,
  9. Hello, I have been using AIDA64 on my logitech G19 lcd for a long time. I was very happy about the fact that FRAPS was added so fps could be logged/monitored. However the latest development on the AMD side, being Mantle support (for newest GPU's), Mantle has it's own system to communicate with the hardware (replacing DirectX). Currently it is only supported in 2 games, but much more are coming. By disabling dirextX and enabling Mantle, FRAPS is out of business (Fraps uses DirectX to read the fps). Does anybody know a solution for this?
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