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Resolution + Refresh rate on G19 LCD


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These days, when CRT monitors are on the verge of extinction, we don't think refresh rate is an information that should be considered for the hardware monitoring module of AIDA64. As for resolution, it is an important information, but I'm not sure why would you want to add that into the G19 LCD? :) Can you please explain? Maybe you use a dynamic desktop resolution, or control your system remotely via a KVM switch?

I'm just asking, because the hardware monitoring module of AIDA64 was designed to gather and display dynamically changing/updated data, like temperatures, fan speeds, CPU load, etc. While the desktop resolution or refresh rate is not something that changes at all. A typical computer user tend to keep the desktop resolution intact for years (especially on LCD monitors), as long as the underlying hardware (video adapter, monitor) is kept the same.



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Hello again, i have a little problem (like all 3D monitor user....) with nvidia new drivers and refresh rate + gpu power saving:

Basically if u have a refresh rate > than 60Hz, nvidia will put your gpu on full 3D mode so u will be on desktop in idle with your card at full vcore, full clocks and more watt + noise + heat. This is simply stupid.

This happen after the first 29x.xx series, the claimed to have FIXED something (that wans't even broken.....) and now this is how soppose to work. If you use every driver before 290 series, (you can check 285.79) You can have high refresh rate, for example 100 and 110Hz with power saving ON so you can stay on desktop with 2D clocks mode (less watt, less noise, less heat).

You have to understand that since i have a SLI of gtx580, with power saving ON i stay idle on desktop with only 180w while with the new 290 series i have 308w on desktop.... LOL....

Back to the refresh rate thing, i needed to check what refresh rate i'm actually on so i can understand if the reg key i found hidden in Nvidia Inspector was working, this is the only workaround i've found about "my problem":


With that key i can tell the driver to switch to the highest refresh rate on 3D.

I can see it working on my Monitor Info menù but i have to go there every time while on my g19 is istant!

Ofc if You think that there is not enough user asking this feature on Aida64, just ignore me, i'm just mad with nvidia, i will still love You guys =D

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