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Extreme Auto Start manager


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It looks like a very useful tool indeed. However, with AIDA64 we focus on reporting 100% accurate system details, and measure system performance using state-of-the-art benchmark methods. We currently do not have the resources to make AIDA64 a tweaking tool. However, in case you have an idea about how to improve the Auto Start programs reporting capabilities of AIDA64, post it into this topic ;)



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I can't explain it in english as i wan't to be, english is not my native language…

I tried to design a form without a code, just controlls with label and text ;)…

Autoruns from "Logon", "Explorer" and "Internet explorer" and information about that task, application or something such as "Publisher" or "Company name" and "Location"; and if possible their Web-Page or someting might help to reach them.

Hope I explained it well ^_^

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The Auto Start page in AIDA64 shows the applications (processes) started at Windows bootup, so it shows the list that you can see on the Logon tab of the Autoruns application. The Explorer tab of Autoruns shows context menu handlers -- those are not auto-started applications, hence they have no place on the Auto Start page of AIDA64. The Internet Explorer tab of Autoruns shows the browser extensions for IE -- those are not auto-started applications either, so they cannot be listed on the Auto Start page of AIDA64.

As for application details like Company Name, you can double-click on any item of the Auto Start page to open the standard Windows file properties window.

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I was expecting for a context menu, never expected that I can double click it… also I also saw it on the tooltip…

About the exlorer tab, I use it for security reason, programs can use this thing to fake the user (Viruses)... Antivirus might help... but not all the time...

About the IE tab, just like in the explorer tab and I know you can also you make this possible for popular browsers

Sorry for my english...

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