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My questions about AIDA64 System Stability Test

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1) FPU stressing means AIDA64 System Stability Test will use a floating-point calculation task that stresses the FPU part of your processor. Modern processors all have an integrated FPU, and from all the components that are integrated, the FPU is the most complex one. Hence stressing only the FPU actually stresses most of your processor, and usually drives the processor to its maximum temperature. So if you want to check if your cooling solution is adequate, you can use the FPU stress test.

2+3) Cache, System Memory, CPU, and FPU modules stress different portions of your processor, and so they use a different computational task. However, Windows cannot measure the load (utilization) of separate components of the processor, so even if you stress the caches only or the FPU part only, it will still show 100% utilization for the processor.



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One more

As I can see stressing system memory, only stresses the memory of the CPU

What if I wan't to stress the RAM?

There's a bug in the System Memory subtest which will be fixed in the very next AIDA64 beta release.

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