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Is it possible to exclude/ignore slow sensors?


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I have an ~2 second delay on sensor panel updates since I upgraded to a new PC

The sensor dump showed the culprit to be X-2 Kraken at around 1600ms response, which is terrible.  (from the NZXT Kraken X73 AIO if you're wondering).  My previous PC just had a CPU fan so I didnt have this delay issue in the past.

I've seen similar threads and know that the response is "Slow USB protocols, nothing we can do", which I understand.

My question:  Is it possible to get AIDA64 to exclude/ignore a sensor altogether?  So it never polls it in the first place?

I'm happy to remove the AIO RPM info from my sensor panel altogether if it means I can go back to a faster update rate for the rest of the information.  Is it currently possible to achieve this?


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Unfortunately, It is currently not possible to exclude some sensors from the polling. We've checked the possibilities to implement this but as it needs a major redesign in the code, we cannot estimate when it will be included in AIDA64.

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