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Bug in "Alert window" or in "SensorPanel"

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Garfunkel    0

while the alert window is open sensor panel is not updating…

sorry if it's not clearly explained, english is not my native language…

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Fiery    298

That's one of the limitations of modal windows (alert window) and the lack of multi-threading in the hardware monitoring code. We may improve on that in the future.



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Garfunkel    0

I got some tiny idea…

but might change a lot on your codes ^_^

Just like nvidia control panel…

Seperate the ".exe" for System tray and Main window

  • The ".exe" for System tray will show modal forms, it will also launch the ".exe" for main window with admin rights (Startup Application)
  • The ".exe" for main window won't ask for admin rights, only the exe for system tray(If it is launched without the ".exe" for System tray running, it will launch the ".exe" for system tray, else display the main window using the ".exe" for system tray);(Also this is the one will be launched in the Windows Control Panel and Windows Shortcuts; so that it will not ask for admin right when it is already running)

Hope it helps and explained clearly :D

Still studying in college…I used this trick before, on my quizes… :D

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