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Bug on UpTime? (Windows 8 Build 8400)


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I'm using windows 8 "8400"


I can't explain it clearly but, you can try it yourself. Try adding a Up Time in sensor panel, you may notice that the Up Time is Continuing even the Computer is turned off, even in task manager. But this issue doesn't occur when the Up Time is not in the sensor panel.

My up Time reached more than 15 hours even I only used it for more than an hour.

Sorry for my language and hope I explained it well…

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Then all you can do is blame Windows for that ;) The current logic for uptime in Windows is that it shows the time elapsed since Windows boot. So if you put your computer to sleep for hours, those hours will be included in the uptime.

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yeah I think you're right :lol:

I also noticed that last shutdown time didn't update after reboot, I'll try soon to schedule a task manager and let windows close it on shutdown to see the real problem if I have a time…

I'll update if I discover something weird ;)

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