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Polling frequence from CPU Utilization doesnt work correctly


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Dear Fiery! Please can you check the pooling frequency feature.

I use the latest Beta and the latest official version, at both versions the same problem, that the polling frequence from CPU Utilization feature doesnt work correctly. I have set the update frequency under Preferences to 1 second, but AIDA64 only measure all 4 to 5 seconds, the same happens at all CPU Utilization sensors 1 till 12. All other sensors works ok and measure every 1 second.

I use a i7 3930k and the Sensor Panel. Please can you check - the problem ist not only at Sensorpanel, also on OSD, Desktop Gadget and LCD panel the problems exists.


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The polling frequency for CPU utilization is actually fixed at 3 seconds. That limitation is there to lower CPU load of the AIDA64 hardware monitoring module. We'll adjust that to 1 second in the next AIDA64 beta.



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