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fixed: AIDA64 XE Freezes when Scanning RAID Devices (Asus Rampage IV Formula)


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I have an intermittent problem where AIDA64 locks up when 'Scanning RAID Devices' on my Asus Rampage IV Formula board. I do not have a RAID set-up configured. I have the following drives installed:

Disk Drive ATA INTEL SSDSC2CT18 SCSI Disk Device (167 GB)

Disk Drive ATA ST3750640AS SCSI Disk Device (750 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA-II)

Both are using the following storage controller:

Storage Controller Intel® C600 Series Chipset SATA AHCI Controller

The following software was installed when the drivers for the board were installed, but I have since removed it in case it was causing the problem, but the issue remains:

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise

Any advice gratefully received.


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Like I say, I uninstalled the RST Enterprise application, so I assume this would have removed any of the associated drivers, hopefully thereby eliminating another point of failure?

Either way, I am still get the same problem with the beta version.

Is there anything I can send you to help with troubleshooting?


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Removing the RST Enterprise application will not remove the drivers.

You can however disable RAID scanning if you go to AIDA64 installation folder, and create a new text file called AIDA64.INI, and copy-paste the following 3 lines into it:




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