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Very high CPU temperatures on MSI Z68A-G43/G3 (MS-7750)


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Motherboard MSI Z68A-G43/G3 (MS-7750)

CPU Type QuadCore Intel Core i5-2550K

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670.

The value of the CPU temperature is initially high (52 C)


But after the GPU stress test for 5 minutes, grows to very large values ​​(120 C).


CPU stress test does not affect this figure.

The other indicators are not a concern.

What do you think about this situation?

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Can you please compare the temperature values against the temperature values MSI Control Center measures? Maybe the actual CPU temperature is the Aux temperature in AIDA64.

2 screen shots (one at idle, other is during or right after a Stress Test) showing AIDA64 Sensor page and MSI Control Center temperature readouts side-by-side would be a great reference ;)



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The results according to your conditions.

Thank you. That's quite puzzling, since there doesn't seem to be any direct correlation between the 3 temperatures read from the onboard Fintek sensor chip and the values displayed by MSI Control Center. We'll need to do more research to try finding the logic behind that.

Is it normal during the stress test the GPU greatly increased reaction time of the computer to the commands?

Yes, it's normal, and it's due to the fact that GPGPU computations require a lot of traffic between the CPU and the GPU, so even though that's not the point, the CPU also gets stressed.

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