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fixed: O&O Software


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AIDA64 can only detect one O&O product license, SafeErase. Do you mean that software, or some other one by O&O?

AIDA wont display O&O SafeErase x64 because AIDA is looking inside 32Bit Registry (HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\ ... so please change this using

Reg:=TRegistry.Create(KEY_ALL_ACCESS OR KEY_WOW64_64KEY);

This works even on Delphi 6 after using a patched registry.pas :)

... and be expanded by adding more .... so here are some Registrypaths:

O&O CleverCache

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O CleverCache\6.0\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O CleverCache\7.0\

"SerialNo" (REG_SZ)

O&O Defrag

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O Defrag\10.0\Pro\licenses\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O Defrag\10.0\Server\licenses\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O Defrag\11.0\Pro\licenses\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O Defrag\11.0\Server\licenses\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O Defrag\12.0\Pro\licenses\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O Defrag\12.0\Server\licenses\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O Defrag\14.0\Pro\licenses\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O Defrag\14.0\Server\licenses\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O Defrag\15.0\Pro\licenses\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O Defrag\15.0\Server\licenses\

"SerialNo" (REG_SZ)

O&O DiskRecovery

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O DiskRecovery\4.0\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O DiskRecovery\6.0\

"SerialNo" (REG_SZ)

O&O DriveLED

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O DriveLED\2.0\

"SerialNo" (REG_SZ)

O&O FormatRecovery

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O FormatRecovery\4.0\

"SerialNo" (REG_SZ)

O&O MediaRecovery

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O MediaRecovery\4.0\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O MediaRecovery\6.0\

"SerialNo" (REG_SZ)

O&O PartitionManager

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O PartitionManager\2.0\license\

"SerialNo" (REG_SZ)

O&O UnErase

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O UnErase\4.0\

HKLM\Software\O&O\O&O UnErase\6.0\

"SerialNo" (REG_SZ)




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Thank you for the info, we've added those O&O software licenses to AIDA64, and fixed the 64-bit Windows issues. Make sure to upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme Edition available at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.



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