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AIDA64 EE causing problems with my system (Asus Rampage IV Formula + 3930K)


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I just upgraded from a 2600K and Maximus IV Extreme to a 3930K and a Rampage IV Formula. I'm trying to set my overclock but AIDA64 is really screwing with my computer.

I am attemping to run a fully system stress test including the GPU's. If I run AIDA stress test, then AIDA64 will not close for me. No matter how many times I try to end the process it will not close. This means that once I open AIDA64 I cannot close it and re-open it.

Also, I suspect because it will not close, my computer will not shut down. Not a terrible problem to have as the power button fixes that, but it's still pretty annoying. It just sits on the blue shutting down screen forever. Last night I finally let it go out of stubbornness and after about 20 minutes on the Shut Down screen it BSOD'ed.

It has shut down perfectly every time I have not ran AIDA64, and it has never shut down every time I have ran AIDA64.

Is anyone else having problems similar to this? Any ides what it could be?

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Ugh, AI Suite. I spent a month trying to figure out why my new system would randomly shut down. Because it wouldn't turn on without removing power from the mobo, I assumed it was a HW issue, so I spent trying other parts, couldn't get it to go away.

Conversing with someone else having the same issue with an ASUS mobo and running AIDA, he finally uninstalled AI Suite, and the problem went away. In my case, since the system had been fine the first few weeks, I suspected it was the update for Fan Xpert 2 specificly, so I installed the original version that came with my P8Z77, and the problem hasn't happened since.

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