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Trial Versions Do Not Work?

Captain Face-Plant

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I am at my friends house and was going to show him what AIDA64 is and can do. I do not have my portable usb stick with like normal, so I am unable to show him what the registered version has to offer. So I downloaded today's newest beta and extracted, then launched. As with a trial version, I expected the product to function, but list several fields as "TRIAL VERSION". But that is not how it goes. On launch, you are immediately greeted with "Your evaluation period is over". And are prompted to enter a serial key or click "ok". If you click "ok", the product closes. So my question is, how can someone evaluate the product, if it does not function unless a serial key is entered? I tried prior beta's as well back to 1155. They all behave the same.. application closes unless a serial key is entered.

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On your friend's computer someone has already downloaded an AIDA64 trial version over a month ago, and gave it a try. Maybe he already uninstalled it, and already forgot about it :wacko: Now the 30-day trial period is over, hence you cannot use the trial version any longer.



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