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Sensor Panel Crashes Computer


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So, like many others, I have been using the sensor panel for many years and I love it. However, a couple months ago I purchased a XFX Zero 6900xt and my computer would randomly crash. After a month of different test, I have narrowed it down to having this box checked "Low-level PCI bus operations". So I unchecked and things are fine, other than I can no longer see any info about my gpu and a few other things, which really saddened me. I am fully aware that it does say "may cause system instability" which it definitely does. I was just hoping there may be a fix some how.

MB is a Asrock Taichi x370 with a ryzen 3900x if that's useful.

I only have the following checked for sensor panel: Load Kernel Driver, Low Level MSR Operations, Low Level SMBus Operations, Low Level sensor Operations, DIMM thermal sensor support, and GPU sensor support, which is useless now since "Low-level PCI bus operations" has to be disabled.

Any thoughts?

Thanks,  Zapious

Screen shot of sensor panel with Low Level PCI turned on, then off.

Sensor Panel.jpg

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"I'm afraid we still haven't been able to figure out why polling the GPU causes issues in the video driver.  We now avoid using any low-level GPU calls on AMD GPUs, but apparently the driver still cannot handle the calls we issue to it and sometimes goes nuts.  We believe this issue is a bug in AMD's video driver rather than AIDA64, and so make sure to report it to AMD too." - @Fiery




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