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Problem in game with AIDA64 operating


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I'm having a problem when I play Aion and Guild Wars with AIDA64 on. I'ts build 1.20.1165. This build is making my game Aion and Guild Wars hiccup like every second continually. When I close AIDA64, the hiccuping stops. I never have had this happen before using Everest before or AIDA now, until this build. How can this be fixed? Thanks.

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Ok got it solved, thanks Squall Leonhart, it was because I had the "nVIDIA GPU SMbus access through nVIDIA ForceWare" checked in the Stability Settings. I think that with the change from Everest to AIDA64, I forgot to uncheck that box and still getting used to seeing the new Windows 7 icons, not seeing it checked there. Thanks a bunch! Thank you too Fiery, I'll just show my system configuration since you wanted to help too. :mellow:

Motherboard Model: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7

CPU Type: Intel i7 920

Video Adapter: Single EVGA GTX 480 Superclocked

Windows 7 64bit

Oh yea question, in Stability Settings, the Volterra VT11xx sensor support, I have it checked, do you think it's ok to have it checked for me or is it best to uncheck it? I think this Volterra sensor is on the gtx 480 and 580 is it? I see that it does this:

This option controls the using of low-level AIDA64 features to measure temperature, voltage and power draw via Volterra VT11xx GPU sensor chips. In rare cases polling a Volterra VT11xx sensor chip may cause system instability while running 3D games.

So just wondering if it's ok checked as being on in Stability Settings. Thanks

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i am also getting this behavior with the latest beta in WoW. I notice that the last version that doesnt cause this is the stable release, i have tried checking and unchecking different boxes, no change.

Are you running any other hardware monitoring, overclocking or tweaking software in the background? E.g. Asus PC Probe, Asus TurboV, ASRock OC Tuner, EVGA Precision, AMD OverDrive, Rivatuner, GPU-Z, HWMonitor, etc? Make sure to close all of them, because they may collide with the low-level hardware monitoring module of AIDA64.

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