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Display driver crashes repeatidly until reboot..


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Hi, I always used Everast and it worked fine but after upgrading to AIDA64 its causing my nvidia display driver to crash at random times.. it can happen while playing games or surfing the web or watching a video file but 90% of the time it always seems to happen when I maximize firefox after it being minimized for a while.. it happens even more frequently when I am in-game and then open/maximize firefox.

It crashes/times out and then does it over and over until I either restart windows OR it eventually BSOD's with "Display driver time-out" error.

I didn't suspect AIDA64 because Everast has been fine for years.. so suffered with this problem for a few months before eventually closing programs down one by one until it stopped and now it hasn't happened for about 4 days since closing AIDA64. When it used to happen multiple times a day, so I think its safe to say it was definitely AIDA64 causing it.

My specs;

Windows 7 Home Premium

AMD FX8150 @ stock 3.6ghz

ASUS Sabertooth 990FX (rev 1.xx)

4 x 4gb G-Skill Ripjaw's (DDR3)

Gigabyte nVidia GeForce GTX 560 1GB

Kingston SSDNOW V2 120GB

PS - Your file upload didn't work and had to use "Classic Uploader". I am using the latest version of Firefox..



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A lot of things but I have of course tested it with all programs closed except AIDA64 and it still causes the display driver to crash/time out.. But the usual stuff I have running in the background is;

BOINC, Itunes, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, Steam, Digital Persona Personal, Roboform, nvidia control panel, Logitech gaming software, Belkin Network USB Hub Control Center, HP Digital Imaging monitor, Firefox, Thunderbird.

Have turned them all off including Kaspersky and left AIDA64 on and it still crashes.. sometimes very often like once every 2 hours and other times it can take 1-2 days for it to happen. But its inevitible and since not having it running my PC has been running fine for like 4-5 days.

I don't run ASUS AI Suite but I know it conflicts with AIDA64 and when the two are running at once, AI Suite spams me with false alarm temperature alerts. But I never run it usually.. but maybe just having it installed is causing a conflict??

I should also point out that AIDA64 was one of the first programs I installed when I built this machine and it's been doing it since day one. A lot of the other programs I have installed over time.


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Thanks for your replies guys..

It still does it even now.. I have updated everything. I noticed that pausing netflix or right clicking on a folder or maximizing a program usually triggers the display failure and then it continues repeatedly until I reboot or get a BSOD. But if I close the program which triggered it e.g. Firefox and just let the PC idle on my desktop it stops crashing, but as soon as I so much as click start menu or ctrl alt del it crashes again. So this is definitely some kind of pattern but I have no idea what it means.. if it solely happened in one program or the other I guess it would be easy to diagnose but almost everything I run can trigger the crashing cycle as long as AIDA64 is running.. I think I will start disabling things in AIDA54, maybe hardware temp monitoring to start with and see if it makes any difference.

But I would really love you guys could throw some suggestions my way.. I have probably already tried most things but you never know..

Its driving me crazy! I thought maybe my hardware was just too modern and not supported by AIDA64 yet but another 2 months on and its still doing it so.. looking for idea's again :(


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