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  2. Fiery

    CPU type

    It is detected using various detection methods and built-in hardware databases. It's not possible to edit that string.
  3. Jeromi

    CPU type

    Your program has a string "CPU Type" where the name of the processor is displayed. Can I find out where Aida gets this information? I want to edit it
  4. Yesterday

    Share your SensorPanel

    My keyboard panel Mad Catz Venom Strike 7.

    Mad Catz STRIKE 7 and AIDA64?

    It's working perfectly here.

    My panel

    My keyboard panel Mad Catz Venom Strike 7.
  8. Fiery

    Radeon VII

    It's odd that they are not listed among the other sensor items. Can you see the Radeon VII thermal readings on the Computer / Sensor page?
  9. Awesome, thank you for your help and feedback!
  10. Just tried to do so, but I failed I went to the device manager, but no new device had appeared. The device has to entries under portable devices, "800P" & the drive letter of the mass storage. Run the installer_x64.exe, but nothing happend. What is the device supposed to be called after I activated the Samsung support @AIDA64? Something like unknown device?
  11. Last week


    Okay, thank you friend, working perfectly.
  13. It seems to be working properly. Thanks!
  14. Thanks Fiery! It's working great now -- all three fans on my FTW3 2080ti are being shown properly in the sensors view!!!
  15. Valk

    Share your SensorPanel

    Just wanted to thank you guys for a great program. I had a blast learning to use the editor and being able to use my phone instead of buying a LCD panel saved me some serious cash (Upgraded from trial with some of that). Thought I would attempt to share my first basic creation. Its 2560 x 1440 If anyone needs it tweaked abit just ask. Thank you again for all your hard work! 2019-04-23.oslcd
  16. Raiderman

    Radeon VII

    Where do I find those? They are not listed in temperature sensors?
  17. Thank you for editing. It seems to work very well. In addition, samsung nvme temperature is also displayed accurately. isasensordump [after] .txt
  18. Fiery

    MSI MEG X299 Creation (MS-7C06) fans missing

    We've checked it, and both EXS_FAN_1 and EXS_FAN_2 should already be measured as long as they are spinning (provide a non-zero RPM readout). However, their label in AIDA64 will be Chassis #5 and Chassis #6 respectively. Fan #21 is the fan connected to your Kraken device.
  19. Thank you! Please upgrade to the latest AIDA64 beta update: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta Let me know how it works.
  20. Fiery

    Aqua Computer D5 Next Pumps

    The above mentioned new AIDA64 beta update is available for download at: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta Let me know how it works.
  21. We've fixed that bug in the latest AIDA64 beta update available at: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta Please let me know how it works.
  22. Thank you, that was a big help. We've fixed the sensor readings on your motherboard in the following new AIDA64 Engineer beta update: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64eebeta Let me know how it works.
  23. I've already stated above that it's not possible to do that with AIDA64 right now.
  24. Fiery

    Radeon VII

    Please let me know which temperatures are still missing. The following temperatures should already be measured on Radeon VII: - Edge (as "GPU" temperature) - Mem (as "GPU Memory" temperature) - VR VDDC (as "GPU VRM" temperature) - VR MVDD (as "GPU VRM1" temperature) - VR SoC (as "GPU VRM2" temperature) - HotSpot (as "GPU Hotspot" temperature)
  25. Fiery


    You need to use either Fraps or RTSS (Rivatuner Statistics Server) to measure FPS during gaming. Once you have one of those software set up, you can use AIDA64 to communicate with that software and get the readings from them and display them in AIDA64 in some way (like SensorPanel, OSD Panel, etc).
  26. A straight green line and a constant 0% throttling is actually the best thing It means your CPU is not overheating and not slowing (throttling) itself down because of it.
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