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  2. I got it , appreciate for your support !!
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  4. Hi ! Thanks for the fast help..... As you said it has something to do with the DPI Zoom i tried someting... First i set the DPI zoom on main monitor from 200 to 100% but that didnt help.... Next i activated 200% DPI zoom on my 7" 2nd. monitor witch is the same zoom that i use on my main monitor. Then set the sensor panel resolution to 1024x600 make the hooks everywehere and now it is like it should be! Thanks very much for your help! Now i am gona look for a nice layout in the "share your sensor panel" section an i wil be happy! until now i was using the logitech G19 keyboard an the built in LCD but the sensor panel is much nicer of course!
  5. Fiery

    Should I be worried ?

    Simply put: Core i7-6700K CPUs shouldn't throttle, even at +30 Celsius room temperature. If it shows any amount of throttling, you need to improve cooling of your CPU and/or your system case. As for the long bootup time, I'm not sure what might cause that. Maybe a Windows driver or service keeps holding up the booting process?
  6. Fiery

    Aida only shows 1 of 2 GPU's

    It's not possible to measure utilization for Intel iGPUs. What other software might measure is Direct3D utilization for Intel iGPUs, but it's not the same as real GPU hardware utilization.
  7. Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> Sensor Debug --> ISA Sensor Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first. Thanks, Fiery
  8. It's definitely an issue with DPI zoom used on your main monitor. Are you using the latest AIDA64 version of 6.00?
  9. Thank you for your message. I've just sent you an email about this.
  10. Hi I Use Aida 64 Pro. I have seen a video on Youtube where someone uses a 7" LCD Monitor over HDMI to show his stats over the sensor panel. I bought myself an Waveshare 7" IPS Touch LCD Monitor and use it as second Monitor on Windows 10 Home 64. The Monitor works fine but i have a problem..... The Monitor has a resolution of 1024 X 600.... when i open Aida 64 settings ...go to Sensor panel and the Set the resolution of 1024X600 the sensor panel looks absolutely perfect on my main monitor, right size the problem is when i drag the sensor panel over the virtual border of the main monitor (monitor 1) onto my 7" LCD Display the the size of it changes it shrinks smaller at the monent i cross the virtual border of the 2 Monitors. When the sensor panel is displaed on the second monitor it is smaller as it should be. I ca Change the size with the mouse to fix it on the screen size but the letters and bargraphs are way to small smaller as i wanted it to be.... i have to say that when i first tried this it worked as it should be for one time but the then something changed and now it alwas changes the the size of the sensor panel.. I saw the video on youtube and there it looks like it should be (not like on my pc).... As main Display i use a ASUG Rog PG27AQ 4k Display with 200% Aplication Zoom (sorry don´t know the exactly description) and on the second monitor everything is on standard settings.. Did someone hav e similar problems or can someone help me with this problem.... GPU is an 2080TI with latest drivers...... Thx for helping!
  11. 天狼晓月

    in Windows 2008 OSD Disk Activivty Can't work.

    the bug still exist.....
  12. Dear Fiery Many thanks for your support. This is an application engineer of Nuvoton SIO product (original Winbond SIO), according to some motherboard maker response the incorrect hardware monitoring channel displayed, the reason is Chip ID of some Nuvoton slim type SIO the same with full function SIO. We provide a method to identify the slim type SIO, and need BIOS developer and software developer`s help. Is it possible could you help to issue an Email to me, and I will provide the official document for developer reference. Thanks TC Lin Nuvoton Technology Corporation
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  14. Thank you. in v 6.0.0 everything is working
  15. Incorrect voltage data of 5V and 12V from ITE IT8728F sensor. Motheboard Foxconn Z68A-S. Chipset Intel Cougar Point Z68. CPU: QuardCore Intel Core i5-2400, 3200MHz (32x100) BIOS: AMI 1.03.2013 (C39F1P02 firmware, last) OS: Win7, WinXP irrelevant. AIDA: v5.97.4600, 6.00.5100 irrelevant. But, the values in the BIOS in the Health Section meet the Normal!
  16. Hello guys,I'm trying to measure the utilization of my GPU.I have 2, an Intel hd graphics (from my cpu) and a GTX 970. From File - Preferences - Logging I can only find "GPU1 Utilization" . I cant understand if GPU1 refers to GTX 970 or Intel hd graphics. (I have enabled "Wake GPUs up at AIDA64 start up") Thank you for your time
  17. SJMarty

    AIDA64 Extreme - Error Message During Upgrade

    Hoping to get some further assistance on this issue. I also opened a support ticket before I started this thread and haven't yet received a response.
  18. killer12

    Should I be worried ?

    Hello So should I be worried about this ? Average throttling is around 20-25%. However very important note : room temp is 30°C (+/- 1°C) and I havent changed thermal paste since I bought the pc (2.5 years or so) Also another problem Im having ..after recent dust cleaning my pc takes around 10 min to boot which is crazy, however on "Last BIOS time" it says 11 sec I guess its because it doesnt actually sit on windows loading screen but on Asus. BUT WAIT THERES MORE ... since I bought this pc restarting always took around 10 min (I tried fixing it with all kinds of solutions nothing worked nor changed a thing) so could that be related ? SPECS : Cpu: INTEL Core i7-6700K 4.00GHz 1151 BOX Cpu cooler: COOLERMASTER Hyper TX3i Gpu: MSI GTX 1080 GAMING X 8GB GDDR5X PCIE Ram: CRUCIAL 16GB Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400MHz CL16 Psu: EVGA Power Supply 600W Motherboard: ASUS Z170-A Storage: WD Blue 1TB 7200rpm 64MB SATA3 WD10EZEX Case: MS BLACK WIDOW Mouse: Mw3 Logitech Laser Mouse G9X Keyboard: Mw3 Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 Speakers: GX Gaming Genius SW-G2.1 1250 black/red Headset: Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless 7.1 Monitor: BENQ XL2411Z TNX FOR READING !
  19. Fiery

    The monitor does not go into standby

    What motherboard, video card(s) and Windows version do you have?
  20. Maxy85

    AIDA64 causes stuttering in games

    yes, Asus ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming
  21. I was just asking because we've revamped the SMTP module to unlock support for Yandex and other mail services in AIDA64 v5.97. So you need that version or an even newer one to have proper SMTP support with SSL/STARTTLS.
  22. Fiery

    AIDA64 causes stuttering in games

    Do you have an Asus motherboard?
  23. We're not planning to implement such a feature in our Android app. But since the current report layout is quite clear and easy to post-process, it's quite possible to write a script that would convert it to a HTML file with the layout of your choosing.
  24. I would like to create an AIDA64 report on an Android device. This report should be in HTM format (similar to the one on Windows). As far as I can see this is currently not possible. Can this feature be added in the next release? Pure text is uncomfortable and not easy to read. I prefer HTML format The report should either be written as a HTM file on the local Android device or sent by email. Thank you Peter
  25. Hey guys, I hope this is the correct subforum. So I bought an new PC a few days ago, and wanted to check temperatures and fan speeds. Specs: i7 9700k, 2080 TI, 32 GB DDR4 RAM 3200 Mhz Thats why I downloaded AIDA64 and a small Rainmeter Skin, to display it on my second screen. Then while playing I had some stuttering / lags every 30 - 60 seconds. When I closed AIDA64, the lags stopped. I asked in reddit and some guy told me, that AIDA64 always stresses the CPU, and that the programm is not for monitoring. And yea, I saw that, some cores always go to 80-90%d I couldnt really believe it, so I decided I ask here :). Is there a way to make AIDA64 just for monitoring, without stressing the CPU? I didnt buy it yet, but I will if this is possible Thanks, Maxy.
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