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  2. Whenever I stress test memory, I almost immediately get the hardware failure. I tested my memory with memtest, windows diagnostic, switched ram slots, and it says it is fine. Everything else works. I do not understand why this is happening. Any ideas?
  3. Any chance you could share this please? I love it!
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  5. Our recommendation is at least a few hours with the FPU subtest enabled alone, and then a further few hours with all subtests of the AIDA64 System Stability Test enabled.
  6. hello friends, i have a question. i have oc my ryzen 2600 to 4ghz on auto my b450m-a is 1.4v i think is to high so i set voltage 1.325v can't pass cinevench now on 1.350v set in bios cpu-z shows 1.360v games working stable and temperatures max 75c tried test with prime95 and aida64 temperature goes 89c after 7min hwinfo64 shows thermal throttling (htc) yes hermal throttling (prochot exit) yes. Is this normal ? some people say this test's need to be tested about 12h but if i leave overnight i think my cpu is gone be fried. How long i need to test with prime95 or aida64?
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  8. look up blue screen view made by nirsoft, if its restarting due to a bsod, that will tell you
  9. Here is what I am running currently Windos 10 Home 64-bit and everything has been updated, drivers/bios windows. Crosshair VII Hero Ryzen 5 2600x Asus RX 5600 XT Corsair Memory CPU and GPU water cooled with Bykski Distroplate and EKWB Waterblocks Samsung 970 Evo 250 GB Samsung 860 Evo 250 GB WD 1TB mechanical Everything is running in default status at the moment until I get this issue straight. Thank you for any help!
  10. Hi all my first attempt took 1 week
  11. Hi, I have a Google Nest HUB that is.. well.. not used very much. If it could be used for displaying AIDA information it would be pretty cool. I don't know if you would need any help to develop this feature, but I've found a GitHub project called Cast All The Things and it can cast videoes and webpages to the Nest HUB and I could imagine AIDA being able to cast a webpage-format system-info directly to the Nest HUB and other Chromecast devices.. so my idea wouldn't be limited to the Nest HUB.. you could cast the systeminfo to a chromecast connected to a 65" television too. The Nest HUB is a little more picky when it comes to resolutions than the chromecast.. at least when it comes to videoes. Hope you will consider this
  12. Please let us know more about your system configuration. Motherboard model, CPU type, video card(s) model, any external drives (SSD or HDD) connected? Are you running 64-bit Windows 10 with the latest updates and patches applied?
  13. By default on my system Aida64 sees all OCTO fans and sensors, no special adjustments or settings. Aquasuite version is X.21.
  14. I don't know if this is an actual bug, but I am having a small issue and fixing it may just be a setting change. When I leave my PC alone for awhile and come back it has restarted every time. This is only happening with Aida Running. I have Sleep set to never in my Power Setting and I am using DisplayFusion for wallpapers on my monitors. I will gladly share whatever information will help stop this from continuing. I love Aida64 and DO NOT want to stop using it.
  15. The PCH diode temperature (even the option is not there) not showing for my hp notebook in the trial version of the aida64 software. Please help!!
  16. Hi In Files => Preference => Hardware Monitoring
  17. It's funny how I posted how to fix this back in 2018. No response on my post and still has not been fixed...
  18. Hi all, I'd love to know how to view the sensor' values in Aida64 in °Centigrades Thanks!
  19. Ok, I thought it was for the Uncore Offset, the value is approaching Thanks
  20. That reading was carried over from the (now old) Rampage VI Extreme where it was labelled as CPU PLLs OC in the UEFI Setup.
  21. That one doesn't need special support, since it acts like a monitor under WIndows, so you can extend the Windows Desktop to it. In which case you can use the AIDA64 SensorPanel to place your layout on the LCD.
  22. Hi- Are you able to add support for this LCD?
  23. thanks for this. My issue was actually being caused by having AIDA64 integrated into MSI Afterburner software (which adds some extra sensors/monitoring into Afterburner)
  24. Hi The CPU PLL value is for ? I can't find a match in the bios I was thinking about the Uncore Offset, but that's not it Thanks
  25. Fiery, any news on a subj? Thanks.
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