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  2. vansunet

    CPU Package ?

    Hello, here is my rig : ASUS X99-Deluxe II i7-5930K @ Core=4.5GHz / Cache = 4.5GHz @ Vccin=1.8V / Vcore=1.17V / Vcache = 1.2V RAM G.SKILL @ 3200MHz @ 1.35V Here is a screenshot at idle : What is CPU Package ? Why is it so high versus Core temps ? Is this an issue ? EIST and C-States are enabled Thank you
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hi, I own an i9-9900K and I bought a 360mm radiator with a custom loop ONLY FOR THE CPU (EK Fluid gaming A360G) to cool it.But I have really high temps at stock clocks: When runing Aida 64 engineer FPU stress for 10 minutes, it throttles in a 8-14%range. With tems really high. CPU at: 83º, CPU core 1: 90ª, CPU c2: 75ª, core 3: 98ª cpu cre 4: 100ª e.t.c I think these tems are really high for a custom 360mm loop. What do you think? What could be causing the issue??? IMAGE OF MY LOOP: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cNs76kNV0j9YuIJhHNNSVgu-tbtrE_KX/view The "hot" air comming out from the radiator is not hot, and the liquid temp. comparison between the inlet "cool fluid" and the outlet "hot fluid" is of only 1,2º. Details:-idle tems are of 23º (CPU general) and between 30-32º in core 1,2 e.t.c.-Temps (After benchmark) drop dramatically back down to idle temps .-The pump is moving coolant. Punp PWM is being used and the pump (when tems are above 60º) is at full speed.-The thermal compound is the one provided by EK.-CPU temp jumps (when running Aida64 stressing cpu, FPU and cache) very quickly to high temps in about 1-2 seconds.-The total package power under load (when running Aida64 stressing cpu, FPU and cache) is of 188W aprox.-Case: Cooler master mastercase H500M-THE LOOP IS ONLY COOLING THE CPU I do need help with this. Thanks, Pablo.
  5. Fiery

    Radeon VII

    Thank you. We're finally getting a Radeon VII video card on Monday that will allow us to dig down deeper and fix the remaining issues in the next AIDA64 update.
  6. CPU VID on Sandy Bridge and later processors are read from a CPU register. AIDA64 doesn't specifically forces the thread that reads that register onto any cores, so it's the job of the Windows scheduler to decide which core it executes the register readout task on. Most likely Windows works the way it is because it deems AIDA64 is a performance oriented application and so whatever it does is executed on the highest performing core (also known as preferred core) which can use the highest Turbo Boost ratio. In your processor's case it seems to be the last core.
  7. Please create and send us the following dumps: - SMART Dump - RAID Dump - Disk Controllers Dump Thank you in advance!
  8. The content of the Apps page, Codecs page and System Files page are only included in the report when you do not submit it to us. So when you click on "Send Report In E-mail" those pages are included. However, when you click on "Send Report To Author", those pages are not included in the report.
  9. Your system seems to have an unknown Nuvoton super I/O (sensor chip). Is there any chance you can get a peek into the chassis and find the Nuvoton chip on the motherboard PCB? It should have markings like NCT67xx (where "xx" is unkonwn to us) or NCT67xxD or such.
  10. Hello All, Does (Android) Aida64 (v1.61) "Submit report" function capture installed "Apps" or is it necessary to generate a separate "Apps" report please? Thanks!
  11. bbent67888

    Mounting VHD makes Sensor Panel disk temp disappear

    Any fix on the way?
  12. Last week
  13. The speed of the two fans (CPU and rear) don't show up in the sensors panel. Maybe you can do something about it. Please find attached some dumps which could help you to identify the correct readings. Best regards Marcus isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
  14. Fiery

    Can't find CPU total consumption

    CPU Package is the total consumption of the whole CPU package, including the x86 CPU cores ("IA Cores") and -- if available -- the iGPU shaders/cores ("GT Cores") as well.
  15. Hello, I m trying to measure CPU's total consumption (Watts). I'm not really sure what attribute can give me the answer (CPU Package? CPU IA Cores? something else? ) Thank you in advance!
  16. 1) Only the first 4 cores are automatically assigned as temperature slots in the AIDA64 System Stability Test. You can use the Preferences button to change the temperature slot assignments to display the rest of the cores on the Temperature graph as well as among the thermal readings in the Statistics list. 2) TSX is not listed on any processors as part of the Instruction Set list on the AIDA64 CPUID Panel.
  17. 5.99.5001 intel 9600K display error when SST bench,missing two cores in temperatures part,clocks part is ok also,9600K CPUID missing TSX instructions supporting
  18. Nightflight

    Aida64 Extreme 5.99 4900 - Core Voltage value never changes

    Hello again, after a couple of hours of research, I found out that Aida64 is showing the core value of core #9 which seems to have always the same value of 1.216 V, while the core values of all other cores vary permanently. See attachement. Is there an explanation for this behaviour? Can it be solved e.g. to force Aida64 to show the core value of core #1 instead of core #9? As mentioned before, every other monitoring software show the exact value as in my bios, except for Aida64. Every hint or help is much appreciated. Regards, Nightflight
  19. Hello, Im sorry that it took so long for me to reply again, but these changes have not fixed reporting on the 2080ti Hybrid card. The fan on the radiator is not reporting its speed to AIDA64, but the one fan on the card is. I am currently running AIDA64 v5.99.5001 Beta nvidiasmbusdump100.txt nvidiagpureg_100.txt
  20. Hi everybody, I am using Aida64 for many years and never had a problem with it. That changed after I updated Windows 10 x64 to 1903. The value of core voltage is according to Aida64 a permanent and static value of 1.216 V. This is incorrect. My core voltage value setting is set to default in Bios. Other apps like cpu-z or Hardware Monitor show the correct core voltage value, which changes permanently between 0.7 and 0.9 V in idle mode, respective internet and office mode. All other values are shown correctly. I already try the latest beta versions of Aida64, but no change at all. What can be the problem here and is there a way to solve it? Windows 10 x64 1903, Asus Rampage V Edition 10, Intel 6950x. Aida64 Extreme 5.99.4900 portable. Thank you for your help. Regards, Nightflight
  21. Hey Feiry, i grabbed a UASP sata 3 adapter cable produced by startech it uses the ASMedia - ASM1153E https://www.startech.com/au/HDD/Adapters/USB-3-SATA-adapter-cable-with-UASP~USB3S2SAT3CB Aida64 is unable to pull smart data from the drive attached, but CrystalDiskInfo has no such problem. Need a dump to add support? if so which ones.
  22. Hello to the developers! Long time no talking.... If is not too much trouble, I would like to have the ability to turn on/off the RGB LED function via hotkey. It takes complete control of the keyboard and mouse rgb lightning and this is not always what I want. Having to dig through the menus is cumbersome. Idealy would be the have a transparent background color that would let other lights from devices software to go through, although I do not know if that is possible..... It seems to me that the peripheral only lets one app to "tell it what to do". Btw I use Razer Huntsman and Razer rgb mouse....
  23. operbico

    Share your SensorPanel

    you can try yourself, i found icon on google (black-white-red panel), gauge in this forum and i use only paint to make background bye
  24. operbico

    Share your SensorPanel

  25. Yes, the screen does not change to the mini monitor mode. The driver I have already tried to installieren, it opens for a second, a DOS window and more does not happen
  26. I know, it's a complicated issue, since the frame still works well under Windows XP... And probably under Windows Vista as well.
  27. Thanks for your effort! Still sad to read, since I searched for quite a long time to get this frame, after I checked your .pdf list of recommended displays
  28. You can use the right-click context menu on the Computer / Sensor page --> Extended Labels to help you understand where one or more of the generic sensor readings (like Temperature #1, Fan #21, etc) comes from.
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