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  1. This is a case of using SSD1322 & FT232H https://forums.aida64.com/topic/4479-sale-er-oledm032-ssd1322-32-oled-usb-interface/
  2. 哈 中国的朋友 ,我有点没看懂,你这个不是已经实现了吗?
  3. I am in China, afraid that the freight is more expensive than the product.
  4. IC to solder itself? I thought he was done. I want to have it
  5. The LiveDash software utility lets you easily customize ROG Ryuo's LiveDash OLED display, may be similar in principle Corsair link
  6. ASUS ROG all-in-one liquid CPU cooler , https://www.asus.com/Cooling/ROG-RYUO-240/ https://www.asus.com/Cooling/ROG-RYUJIN-360/
  7. I saw that he is using STM32 mcu (stm32f103vet6) Not only do you not know what his lcd IC driver is? Have you got it through dismantling? There are a lot of STM32 microcontrollers on sale. This chip may be able to support larger screens So, is it necessary to pay attention to the IC driver model when purchasing TFT?
  8. I am glad that this is a Chinese lcd manufacturer. Can be bought at a cheap price
  9. i have a Samsung SPF-87h and lcd2usb 2004 used for aida64. and i have an idea if have two of the same models lcd,installed in case different places,e.g. : two 1602 LCD Can they work at the same time? i don't know if you can understand me. my english is bad can only rely on google translate
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