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  1. You can purchase currently on ebay and here is the link-->https://www.ebay.com/itm/124510666036 This screen can work under landscape or portrait mode and you can find pics in kodachrome's post either. For GPU performance, since the screen is a winUSB device only under Windows so there will be no negative influence to your graphic performance at all.
  2. In addition to the current 5" and 7" LCD screens, a new 6.8" IPS screen is now added to the BeadaPanel LCD family. The screen resolution is 1280x480, and the mechanical dimensions are 181x67x25mm. A look with that awesome screen.
  3. 目前我们是通过AIDA64的remote sensor功能来实现的,相当于访问AIDA64内建的web服务器。这个效果和AIDA64直接通过USB访问LCD显示器不太一样。你可以自己在电脑上比较一下的。
  4. BeadaFrame Display Kit is an ARM Cortex-A7 development platform which bundled with a 7" TFT LCD Display. It can be powered and communicated with PC Host by a single Micro USB cable. Currently we use it as a secondary PC monitor for display of hardware status through Remote Sensor LCD. The question is -- is there any way to implement it as a native support of AIDA LCD screen? We are running Debian Stretch on the ARM Cortex-A7 core. And more details of this display kit: CPU NXP/Freescale ARM Cortex-A7 i.MX6ULL
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