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  1. Seems like every time I reboot, AIDA picks up either 4 or 5 NICs. Is there a way to force AIDA to always see a NIC as NIC1?
  2. Rivatuner is no more, replaced with MSI Afterburner. Will AIDA get the FPS from MSI Afterburner or do you still need Riva?
  3. Here are the logs in TXT format and a screenshot from EVGA software. It's showing zero because the fans are not active as I am not gaming. nvidiagpureg.txt nvidiasmbusdump.txt
  4. Sorry for some reason I don't get emails on a reply even though I have subscribed. The error message is back, so that is not fixed. Screenshot attached
  5. @schrutic Thanks! I tried that beta and I am on that newest version and I still only see two fans. I have the EVGA 3080 XC3 Ultra so almost the same card.
  6. This update seems to have fixed both the error and the image issue I had. Still only 2 fans for my GPU
  7. I just updated to version 6.32.5600, I will post the error if this version does not fix it.
  8. I have the Asus Tuf x570 Plus Wifi, Ryzn 7 3800x, and the EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra. I have attached all this and an image to the tickets I have submitted. I have never gotten an email with a response
  9. Thanks. Me too and the same, still only 2 fans. Support is far between.
  10. Its a pretty easy question. Which version works.....I have tried the newest stable and beta and neither do.
  11. I have the sensor panel open in Extreme 6.30.5500 and also the current beta
  12. I have put in a ticket twice on software that I bought without a response. After AIDA64 is open for a while I get a memory\resource error and software doesn't work. I have to close and reopen it. This makes AIDA64 unuseable. I could really use some support. This is happen on stable and beta release.
  13. I'd like to know what version @schrutic is on. Our GPUs are very similar
  14. All the images are PNGs. They all appear to be the sameish size
  15. It a device in my NZXT 510 elite that controls the case fans.
  16. I have several images and several come and go. I did notice when I have the SensorPanel Manager open and hit export they all come back. If I hit cancel some go away again. I attached a GIF of the issue
  17. Playing around with the trial, I don't see support for NZXT's smart device to read case fan speeds. Am I missing it or does AIDA not support it?
  18. @Fiery I am on the newest version 6.30.5500 and I only see two fans. I have the EVGA 3080 XC3 Ultra, very similar card to the OPs. @schrutic What is the version number you are on where you see all three fans? I even updated to beta 6.30.5511 and still only see two fans
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