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  1. Today I got a reply from Corsair: Is this true? If so, shouldn't the CPUID SDK be the place in the chain where the concurrency problems should be fixed?
  2. My first sensor panel. It's displayed on a 7 inch HDMI monitor mounted inside the computer case:
  3. Yesterday I created a support ticket with Corsair (https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) where I describe the clash between Commander Pro and AIDA64 and how they need to make sure that third party monitoring software can read data properly from their devices. Of course I know that this will not lead anywhere in my particular instance, but I believe in the power of many and if Corsair sees a rising demand for them solving this issue it might just end up in their backlog some time in the future. It costs nothing to file a support case so just do it. :-)
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