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Ambient and Delta Temps


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It would be great to have a column under Statistics that shows Ambient and Delta temps for all of the temps.

We could input the Ambient temp once and the column would show the Deltas from the Average temp.

Right now, we have to calculate that ourselves and then type it onto the finished screen

This would extremely useful for comparing different CPU coolers and TIM's.

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Thank you for posting that idea. It looks like it's a very specific usage scenario, so I'm not sure if AIDA64 should provide a ready solution for that. Let's wait and hear if others would like to have it implemented as well.



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That is a good idea, except that one would need a way to measure the ambient temperatures.

I know that some motherboards have the capability to install external temperature probes, but not all do.

It would be useful, but only for a limited number of users.

However, I would definitely like to see something like this implemented.

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