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Bug in Gadget (Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L v2)


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I´m new here, and using Aida64 Extreme Edition 1.20.1150.

But I found a bug on the Gadget.

When I put my computer to sleep, and after a time I return to my work, the Gadget appears to work fine.

But when I put the computer to HIBERNATE, and return to work a cuple of hours later, it shows me temperature very different of the usual temperature.

Below you see two diferent temperatures of my Hard Drives. and it happens after my computer hibernates.

The program starts with Windows.



So, I need to close the program and start it again. Then, it shows me the real temperature.


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Thank you. If you wait 30 seconds after returning from hibernation, do the HDD temperatures get back to normal?


First it shows one temperature and 5 minutes later, it shows another temperaturwe, like the two picture I posted.

I need to close the program and then start it again to show the normal temperature.

But it happens only with HDD. Other things work fine like rotation, processor temperature, voltage ...

It happens only with HDD temperature.

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We've done several test runs on various Intel chipset based configurations, but couldn't reproduce this issue. We suspect it may be the fault of the SATA driver, since AIDA64 uses industry standard driver calls to collect disk temperature readouts. Have you tried to update the Intel SATA drivers? Have you seen the same issue with other tools like HD Sentinel or HWMonitor?

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