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Please add this info to "Cache And Memory Benchmark" page


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On 7/19/2023 at 6:56 PM, MAA said:


Please add this information to "Cache And Memory Benchmark" page:

1) number of installed memory modules

2) memory bus width in use



While I understand your point, your actual system has no memory modules but instead BGA memory chips.  Since BGA memory chips lack SPD support, we cannot count them.

As for memory bus width in use, it's actually there: Quad Channel LPDDR4 means 4 channels, 32 bits each, so 4x32 = 128 bits of memory bandwidth.

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This screenshot is just an example.
In any case, all information in one place will be useful.
If you want users to calculate the width of the memory bus themselves, specify the width of one channel.



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