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Why are there so few comparison results in Benchmark?

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19 hours ago, administrator said:

Why are there so few comparison results in Benchmark?

To have 100% reliable and authentic results, we only include such ones that are obtained by ourselves, on our own test systems, in our labs, in a strictly controlled environment.

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It might be a good idea to also get test results from users.
Perhaps show “lab-verified ratings” and “user ratings.”
The current approach makes it impossible to compare the performance of own equipment with similar systems to ensure that the system is configured properly.

My current chipset is X570, there is only one row with the same chipset but with older processor and memory.
There are also no results at all for the X670E chipset.

If I compare the old computer with the new one, the new one will be faster, for sure, even with suboptimal system settings.
It looks like AIDA is stuck in the past... Unfortunately.

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