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Help NVIDIA inspector + AIDA64


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I'm trying to use AIDA64 with NVIDIA inspector


I tried to use AIDA alerting to launch NVidia inspector in some certain temperatures

just to make temperature dependent overclocking


but it seems AIDA cant run NVidia inspector with command lines


I tried putting quotations but it doesn't work


is there a possibility to achieve this trick ??

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This is one of the commands

"C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Inspector\nvidiaInspector.exe" -setGpuClock:0,0,620


I also run it with two triggers, GPU and motherboard temp

I have a total of 8 alert items, 4 for GPU and 4 for Motherboard with different temperature triggers


and if possible I'll also add GPU Utilization

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We've tested it with an Asus GeForce GT 520 (GF108-based) card, and memory clock can be adjusted via a similar command-line using AIDA64 Alerting facility, so the command-line handling definitely works fine in AIDA64. Setting GPU clock from command-line doesn't work though, but it also doesn't work from the GUI of nVIDIA Inspector.  I suppose it's due to the fact that GPU and shader clocks are linked together, so you need to adjust shader clock instead of GPU clock, and GPU clock will follow the change as 50% of shader clock.

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My command line is based on the "Create Clock Shortcut" feature of NVidia Inspector (but removed those shader clock commands)
I'm currently using that command line in Windows task scheduler at logon and it works


By the way what is the difference between "Number of ours between sending repetitive alerts" and "Update Frequency/Alerting"


I set alerting into 1 and Hours into 2, and does it matter ?


- - - EDIT - - -


Got the commands working. :D I just restarted the PC and the alerting triggered (tested with an alert window just to ensure that alerting is triggered and command is working and it does) at first I thought that the double quote is the problem <_<


my settings

on < 50% utilization drop clock on lowest, not 0

on > 90% utilization just return to its default clock


I think alerting cant meet up what I want to, because once alerting is triggered it wont trigger again.

on logon the first one triggered. and when I stressed it out the second one triggered


but when I stopped stressing the first one didn't trigger... is there something wrong on my settings?? why it didn't call again

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As for command-line, while doing our test runs we used the following one:


"F:\tweak\nVIDIA Inspector Beta\nvidiaInspector.exe" -setMemoryClock:0,2,444 -setShaderClock:0,2,1222


It worked flawlessly for us, so I'm sure that the command-line handling of AIDA64 Alerting facilty works fine.




"Number of ours between sending repetitive alerts" means after firing an alert, how much time AIDA64 should wait before firing another alert for the same condition.


"Update Frequency/Alerting" means the polling frequency of the alerting items, to check whether they are inside or outside the configured limits.

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Thanks for support


commands are working well just like you said… em sorry -_-


and like you said it takes hours before AIDA64 launches the command again with same condition so I cant use this trick with AIDA64 :(

em just looking for an alternative tool for NVIDIA System Tools as it is very outdated and unstable


i cant also use MSI afterburner as it limits the overcooking ability to 30% <_<


again thanks AIDA64 team ;)

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